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Conference Theme

The 33rd CIRP Design Conference focuses on grand challenges for engineering design. On the one hand, we seek novel solutions to a variety of significant engineering challenges, in the post-pandemic world, which can be addressed using innovative design thinking. On the other hand, we seek transformations of engineering design towards higher intelligence and digitalization.       


List of Topics

  • Design Theory

  • Design Decision Making

  • Collaborative Design

  • Design Complexity

  • Design of Smart Products

  • Design for/of/by X

  • Design Optimization

  • Design Education

  • Design Innovation

  • Design Cognition

  • Design Thinking

  • Emerging Challenges

  • Design Methodology and Tools

  • Biologically Inspired Design

  • Design Information and Knowledge Management

  • New Product Development

  • Design Process Management

  • Design Modelling and Simulation

  • Design enhanced by ICT/IoT/Big data

  • Digital Twin

  • Design enhanced by VR and AR

  • Design enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

  • Design and Cyber Physical Systems

  • Case Studies and Industrial Experiences

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